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24 Feb 2014
When phase begins provocation and attack the intervention of the allergen to the body again, you will find the cells prevailing and the antibodies of the type IGI and conformity in the composition of the overdue and explode vesicles in cells prevailing and pigment cells and out of different chemicals that cause various symptoms of allergy in within seconds of entering The most important of these chemicals,
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the first of which cause allergic symptoms is the substance histamine discovered since 1911 in England, and that cause shortness of the trachea and bronchial mucus secretion by making the patient suffer a heart of cold, sneezing, shortness of breath, as it expands blood vessels

If the interaction is limited...

24 Feb 2014
There are other reasons for drooling, including the presence of intestinal parasites, which cause this out saliva during sleep, and is associated with this case, constipation and swelling here and must work to make sure the analysis of feces from a lack of intestinal parasites.
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As well as the relaxation of the muscles surrounding the mouth so that they bloom automatically after sleeping and drooling and this case defects are difficult to treat, as well as anxiety and deep emotion.

Further pointed to the presence of a temporary remedy for the drooling, such as the use of certain medications to alleviate this situation, such as medication (atropine), warning not to take this medication only after consulting a doctor,...

24 Feb 2014
It is known for American women's hair that he enjoys the beauty and luster unmatched, how do you get this care for your hair, the hair enchanting unmatched. Here are the tips:

Coconut oil: American women put coconut oil on her hair to keep the shine and smoothness, and coconut oil moisturizes, prevents split ends and hair loss.
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Castor oil: Castor oil is the secret of the last secrets of American women who put it on her hair to keep the intensity and lengthen.
Wash hair with tea: black tea is the first and best catalyst for the growth of hair. Used by every American woman to wash her hair, so hair is characterized by a strong, vital and long.

Mix the olive oil with the lemon juice and coconut oil: This is a mixture...

24 Feb 2014
Of the most irritating things for women during pregnancy is to remove excess hair, and there are many ways in which they can get the desired result, and that women can choose what suits.

Wax: hair removal wax method is very safe during pregnancy, but this method is painful, but do not carry any negative effects to the mother and fetus, and preferably the carrier to remove excess hair waxing at the hands of an expert to ensure the result up to a full month.
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Electric machine: If you do not gave time during pregnancy to visit beauty salons, you can remove the hair electric machine at home, this method is safe and also helps to hide the hair for weeks, but it is a very painful, especially in the pubic area.

Hair removal...

19 Feb 2014
Summarizing, we would remind you that everything is fine in moderation. Numerous ailments that cause excessive weight can be just as dangerous as unhealthy thinness. So always wins who are watching their health and not go to extremes.

Ballet slippers are harmful to health - On the heels harm had heard all the women on the planet, but suddenly doctors changed their minds. Experts argue that the flat soles can be even more dangerous heels.
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Podiatrists worldwide alarmed increasing number of injuries among people who like to wear flat shoes. Sympathy for sandals, slippers and pumps can lead to pain in the legs, shin injury, "shooting" in the back and even arthritis, according to doctors.

"Over the past three years, many...

19 Feb 2014
According to the study, people who in 40 years have a full body, live longer than their thin counterparts. The study observed the health professionals 50 000 people aged 40 to 12 years.

The results showed that people with thin physique have lower life expectancy, dying 6-7 years earlier than overweight people.
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During the experiment, the researchers observed the state of weight volunteers, and how long they lived after 40 years. Participants were then divided into groups according to their body mass index (BMI).

Men with regular weight (with a BMI of 18 to 25) after 40 years of living on average another 39.94 years at the same time suffering from overweight to live 41.64 years, as for women it was possible to live a...

19 Feb 2014
Many say that the lens is expensive: the most comfortable are "phony"-is a pair of around 3-4 dollars, except those relating to lenses themselves - the cost of a case for lenses and liquid for them in the order of 10 dollars a month.

But I do not agree with those who believe that it is cheaper glasses - good frame sometimes worth a few hundred pairs of lenses.
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Well, all the disadvantages of lenses can be considered advantages points. In addition, this part of the image points!

And so should be a few points! Sometimes sunglasses are one highlight which serves to emphasize your individuality, personality, like nothing else. Points can be matched to the style and color of clothing, hair, mood, time of day, etc. etc....

19 Feb 2014
Widely touted lenses for long socks that are not removed (and, accordingly, are not cleared) week or longer, because a large percentage of moisture absorbed actively accumulate as biological waste, and any sprays, cosmetics, smog and other air pollution, long while on the cornea adversely affect its tender structure.

 So that the potential harm from them outweigh the small benefits. In any case, how would you have liked it, never rub your eyes while wearing contact lenses!
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And wherever you are, and in any condition, at night lenses should be removed, i.e. you have to have a case, and the liquid to yourself! Otherwise eyes will be morning, like a sick rabbit. Better not to use the lenses on the plane and train,


18 Feb 2014
In the group that this dietary pattern followed was the weight gain and failure the lowest. The children of these families, 827 in total, of which 45% were overweight, were not easy to diet in the first eight weeks, but then do the same diet as their parents.

The prevalence of overweight thus decreased by 15% in the high protein / low GI group current official dietary guidelines do not fit the researchers concluded from this study that do not fit the official dietary guidelines in the participating countries on these findings and thus not optimal to prevent and combat obesity.

study was conducted in eight European research centers, led by the Danish Faculty of Life Sciences in Copenhagen. In the Netherlands, the study was led by proof....

18 Feb 2014
New dietary guidelines for weight loss
New scientific discovery has shown that eating lots of protein and use a lot of products with a so-called low glycolic index (GI), such as pasta, legumes and vegetables, the best way to lose weight and then maintain your weight .

The dietary guidelines as the Nutrition Centre which operates at present, fight obesity among the population sufficiently. New scientific discovery shows that many proteins and many products with so-called low glycolic index (GI) food, the best way to lose weight and then maintain your weight.
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Conclude scientists from eight European countries since 2006 over 14 million grant from the EU have investigated a dietary pattern that the ever increasing obesity...