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18 Feb 2014
New dietary guidelines for weight loss
New scientific discovery has shown that eating lots of protein and use a lot of products with a so-called low glycolic index (GI), such as pasta, legumes and vegetables, the best way to lose weight and then maintain your weight .

The dietary guidelines as the Nutrition Centre which operates at present, fight obesity among the population sufficiently. New scientific discovery shows that many proteins and many products with so-called low glycolic index (GI) food, the best way to lose weight and then maintain your weight.
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Conclude scientists from eight European countries since 2006 over 14 million grant from the EU have investigated a dietary pattern that the ever increasing obesity of western people best fights.

It is the largest diet study ever conducted in the world, according to the University of Maastricht, Netherlands who participated.

Nutrition Study Diogenes
Researchers from Maastricht University and seven other European research centers have published the final report of the world's largest nutritional study, Diogenes

. The large-scale study of families with overweight shows that a diet high in protein and low glycolic index works best to maintain your weight

With this diet you can eat to be saturated and need to be, so there is counted no calories it is also easier to sustain.


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