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24 Feb 2014
Of the most irritating things for women during pregnancy is to remove excess hair, and there are many ways in which they can get the desired result, and that women can choose what suits.

Wax: hair removal wax method is very safe during pregnancy, but this method is painful, but do not carry any negative effects to the mother and fetus, and preferably the carrier to remove excess hair waxing at the hands of an expert to ensure the result up to a full month.
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Electric machine: If you do not gave time during pregnancy to visit beauty salons, you can remove the hair electric machine at home, this method is safe and also helps to hide the hair for weeks, but it is a very painful, especially in the pubic area.

Hair removal...

19 Feb 2014
Widely touted lenses for long socks that are not removed (and, accordingly, are not cleared) week or longer, because a large percentage of moisture absorbed actively accumulate as biological waste, and any sprays, cosmetics, smog and other air pollution, long while on the cornea adversely affect its tender structure.

 So that the potential harm from them outweigh the small benefits. In any case, how would you have liked it, never rub your eyes while wearing contact lenses!
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And wherever you are, and in any condition, at night lenses should be removed, i.e. you have to have a case, and the liquid to yourself! Otherwise eyes will be morning, like a sick rabbit. Better not to use the lenses on the plane and train,


18 Feb 2014
In the group that this dietary pattern followed was the weight gain and failure the lowest. The children of these families, 827 in total, of which 45% were overweight, were not easy to diet in the first eight weeks, but then do the same diet as their parents.

The prevalence of overweight thus decreased by 15% in the high protein / low GI group current official dietary guidelines do not fit the researchers concluded from this study that do not fit the official dietary guidelines in the participating countries on these findings and thus not optimal to prevent and combat obesity.

study was conducted in eight European research centers, led by the Danish Faculty of Life Sciences in Copenhagen. In the Netherlands, the study was led by proof....

18 Feb 2014
New dietary guidelines for weight loss
New scientific discovery has shown that eating lots of protein and use a lot of products with a so-called low glycolic index (GI), such as pasta, legumes and vegetables, the best way to lose weight and then maintain your weight .

The dietary guidelines as the Nutrition Centre which operates at present, fight obesity among the population sufficiently. New scientific discovery shows that many proteins and many products with so-called low glycolic index (GI) food, the best way to lose weight and then maintain your weight.
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Conclude scientists from eight European countries since 2006 over 14 million grant from the EU have investigated a dietary pattern that the ever increasing obesity...